SebTags 1.0 Documentation: Sending Email

Sending Email

In addition to sending a form post to a CFC method, cf_sebForm can send email directly. Some attributes not otherwise in use are used for this.

Here is an example form:

	subject=" Contact Form"
	<cf_sebField name="name" label="Name">
	<cf_sebField type="email" name="email" label="E-Mail" required="true">
	<cf_sebField name="comments" label="Comments/Questions" type="textarea">
	<cf_sebField type="submit/cancel" label="Submit,Cancel">

The email sent will be basic (but can be configured) and will use display the form field labels with their values.

Note that none of the attributes of this form get written as form fields (hidden or otherwise), so spammers can't change their values and use your form to send spam to others.