SebTags 1.0 Documentation: Basic Column Types

Basic Column Types

The cf_sebColumn tag has several very basic column types for simply displaying data. Each are set using the "type" attribute.


This is the default type and simply displays the value of the column as text (escaping any HTML).


This will right-align the value of the column and display the numeric value.


This will display the date value using DateFormat() with the mask provided in the "mask" attribute (which will default to "m/dd/yyyy").


This will display time value using TimeFormat() with the mask provided in the "mask" attribute (which will default to "h:mm tt").


This will display the date and time using both DateFormat() and TimeFormat() on the value. The mask attribute will be ";" delimited with the first part being the mask for DateFormat() and the second being the mask for TimeFormat() (default value: "m/dd/yyyy; h:mm:ss tt").


This will display the boolean value using YesNoFormat().


This will use an "iconif" attribute to determine an icon (16X16 image) to display. The "iconif" attribute will have a ":" delimited value. The first part is a test value and the second is the path to the icon to display.

For example, an iconif="true:/image/icons/yes.gif" would show the "images/icons/yes.gif" if the value of the field is true for that row. Otherwise, it would be blank.

This does not have any way to have different icons show based on different conditionals.


This will display the value right-aligned with DollarFormat().


This will display the raw value of the field. Care will need to be taken that the field doesn't contain any malicious code.