SebTags 1.0 Documentation: "Other" Options

"Other" Options

It is possible to automate an extra informational text field for "other" options.

For checkbox lists and radio buttons with only one "Other" option, the text box will appear next to the option and always be visible. For "select" boxes or anything with multiple "Other" options, the box will only be visible when an "Other" option is selected.

This can be done by defining one or more options as "other" options or by having cf_sebField automatically add an "other" option as the last option

Adding an "Other" option

To add an "other" option as the last option, simply set the "other" attribute of cf_sebField to "true". This will add an option with a display of "Other" and a value of "other".

Defining "Other" options

To define existing options as "Other" and associate them with a text box for additional information, you can use the "subothers" attribute of cf_sebField. Just like with the "subvales" attribute this can indicate a list, query column, or structure key depending on the data type being used for the field. If you are defining your options using cf_sebSubField, then you can use set an other="true" for any option that you want to be an "Other" option.

Additional Attributes

Here are some additional attribute available when using one or more "Other" options: