SebTags 1.0 Documentation: Paging


Paging in cf_sebTable can be accomplished by the use of the "maxrows" attribute. This will set the maximum number of rows that will be on the table in one page. After that, cf_sebTable will create paging links.

If you have several pages, you may want to limit the blocks of page links that display at one time as well, by using the "maxpages" attribute.

If a cf_sebColumn has a rolodex="true" attribute (only one can) then cf_sebTable will create a rolodex with a link for each letter of the alphabet, allowing the user to see only records where the value of that column begins with the selected letter

If the number of page links displayed by cf_sebTable are excessive, then the maxpages attribute can be used to have cf_sebTable group the page links when they exceed the number given for that attribute

Note that you can also what appears between each rolodex link with the "rolodexdelim" attribute of cf_sebTable (default "|").