SebTags 1.0 Documentation: Files


It is easy to upload files in using cf_sebField.

To upload a file to "/files/" folder of a site, you could use the following code:

   <cf_sebField type="file" name="MyFile" destination="#ExpandPath('/files/')#">
   <cf_sebField type="submit" label="Submit">

Note that have you don't have to specify an "enctype" on the form as cf_sebForm automatically detects the presence of a cf_sebField with file type and sets that attribute appropriately.

The file will be uploaded with the "MyFile" variable (in the case of the previous example) will be set to the name of the uploaded file (not including path information).

The following attributes are available for files fields:


Some extra options are availeble for dealing with images:

If you use type="image", then cf_sebField will set the "extensions" and "accept" arguments appropriately.

Other attributes for images: