SebTags 1.0 Documentation: Basics


The cf_sebMenu tag creates a basic menu for web site administration. The menu can be skinned or customized as needed.

The menus themselves are defined by cf_sebMenuItem and cf_sebMenuSubItem tags.

Here is a simple example menu using cf_sebMenu:

<cf_sebMenu width="1000" data="#variables.AdminMenu#" LogoutLink="/admin/logout.cfm">
	<cf_sebMenuItem label="Users" link="/admin/users/">
		<cf_sebMenuSubItem label="Users" link="/admin/users/">
	<cf_sebMenuItem label="Content" link="/admin/content/">
		<cf_sebMenuSubItem label="Pages" link="/admin/content/pages/index.cfm">
		<cf_sebMenuSubItem label="Menu" link="/admin/content/menu/index.cfm">
		<cf_sebMenuSubItem label="Home Page" link="/admin/content/home/index.cfm">
	<cf_sebMenuItem label="Newsletter" link="/NetDispatch/">

Menu items will be indicated as active based on the URL, by first looking for any link pointing to that CGI.SCRIPT_NAME and then looking at folders.