SebTags 1.0 Documentation: sebField General Attributes

sebField General Attributes

Some attributes are available for all field types in cf_sebField.

HTML Attributes

You can set any HTML attribute in cf_sebField and it will be sent through to the HTML field.


The "defaultValue" attribute can be used to set a default value for a field. This can be superceded by a form field value, a value from a query, or by the "setValue" attribute.

The "setValue" attribute sets a value for the field, superceding "defaultValue", query column values, or even a form post.


The "type" attribute indicates the field type. This defaults to "text" unless multiple options are provided in which case it defaults to "options".


The "label" attribute indicates the text used for display on the page as well as any messages about the field (whether in JavaScript or any validation message).


The "help" attribute provide additional information about the field - usually below the form field itself (although this is configurable).