SebTags 1.0 Documentation: Display Options

Display Options

The cf_sebTable tag has several attributes to influence the basic display options for the table.

Label and Header

The "label" attribute indicates the kind of data being managed by the table. It should be singular. If a label is provided, the top of the table will output:

<strong>#attributes.label# #attributes.labelSuffix#</strong>

The "labelSuffix" attribute defaults to "Manager".

The "showHeader" attribute (boolean) determines if the header displays. It defaults to true if a label is provided and false if one is not.

If the header displays, then it will also show a numeric representation of the records being displayed "(11-20) of 30 records".


In addition to the "skin" attribute, the width of the table can also be set manually with the "width" attribute.

Even and odd rows can be styled directly as well.