SebTags 1.0 Documentation: Form Column Types

Form Column Types

The cf_sebColumn tag has some form field options for easy editing. The value of each will be determined by the "dbfield" column for that row.


This will create a checkbox in each row of this column. If the "dbfield" for the column is true then the checkbox will be checked, otherwise it will not. When submitted, it will pass a form field using the "name" attribute of the cf_sebColumn tag. The value will be a comma-delimited list of the pkfield values for the checked rows.


This will create a text input in every row of the column. The name passed will be "".


This will create a select box in every row of the column. A "qOptions" attribute must be passed in for the options with a "value" column and a "display" column.


This will create a delete button. If clicked it will pass the "pkfield" value (with a name equal to the "pkfield" attribute) to the "CFC_DeleteMethod" of the "CFC_Component".


This will create a submit button. If clicked it will pass the values for the row into the "CFC_RowMethod" of the "CFC_Component".


A "SebTable_#CurrentRow#" field will also be passed holding the value of the "pkfield" for that row so that the two values can be associated.