SebTags 1.0 Documentation: Submit


A cf_sebColumn tag can submit to a CFC Method. To do so, the following must be true:

The CFC_Component attribute will default to the value of the CFC_Component attribute of the parent cf_sebTable tag. It must be a valid component.

This column will display as a submit button with a value set by the "Label" attribute of the tag (which defaults to "Submit").

The arguments passed to the method will be the pkfield attribute and value as well as the CFC_MethodArgs keys and values (if that attribute is present).

If a "Message" attribute is passed then the cf_sebTable will display this message before the table after executing the method (with {result} in the message replaced with a string value returned by the method - if one exists). Otherwise, cf_sebTable will redirect the user back to the page after the method is executed.