DataMgr 2.5 Documentation: What is DataMgr?

What is DataMgr?

DataMgr is a database abstraction tool to simplify common interactions with the database. This encompasses three major types of functionality:

Additionally, DataMgr provides some advanced functionality that allows you to define special behaviors and relation fields that can dramatically assist development. Taken together, these features can effectively create interactions with the database that fit the way we develop web applications.

DataMgr could be viewed as a competitor to an ORM approach - though it doesn't require the same types of interactions. While ORM solutions effectively change the perspective of development from database to object, DataMgr maintains the database perspective, but makes common database interaction code more concise and powerful.

DataMgr currently supports the following databases (others are generally easy to add):

DataMgr currently supports (and has been show to work in) the following CFML engines: