DataMgr 2.5 Documentation: Exceptions


Although DataMgr allows you to write code that will run the same across multiple CFML engines and databases, it does have a few exceptions of which you should be aware.


Note that the version of Derby included in ColdFusion 8 has a bug that causes it to occasionally throw an error when dealing with CLOB/BLOB fields. Hopefully ColdFusion 9 will include the newer version that fixes the bug.

MS Access

DataMgr cannot introspect the database unless read permissions are enabled in Access on system tables. Active Schema should still work though.


As MySQL doesn't have a data type specifically for boolean data, DataMgr follow the convention of using the "tinyint" data type for this purpose. As a consequence, DataMgr will not store numeric data in this field - instead limiting values to 1 and 0.


If you are using DataMgr on Railo, make sure that the DataMgr_railo_query.cfm file remains the same directory as DataMgr.cfc (otherwise you could delete any DataMgr files other than DataMgr.cfc and the adaptors for the databases you are using).