DataMgr 2.5 Documentation: Define / Introspect Table

Define / Introspect Table

by default, if a table is defined in loadXml, DataMgr uses only the XML for the table definitions - foregoing any database introspection.

You can optionally tell DataMgr to introspect the table first. At which point it will only add missing columns to its definition of the table (and include all fields in the database table as part of its definition).

To do this, use the "introspect" attribute of the "table" element as shown below:

  <table name="Records" introspect="true">
    <field ColumnName="RecordID" CF_DataType="CF_SQL_INTEGER" PrimaryKey="true" Increment="true" />
    <field ColumnName="RecordVal" CF_DataType="CF_SQL_VARCHAR" Length="80" />
    <field ColumnName="RecordDescrip" CF_DataType="CF_SQL_LONGVARCHAR" />
    <field ColumnName="isValueable" CF_DataType="CF_SQL_BIT" Default="false" />