DataMgr 2.5 Documentation: Save Data

Save Data

DataMgr makes it easy to save data to the database. DataMgr takes the data to be saved in a structure (any scope - Form or Arguments, for example - in ColdFusion will work) and saves it to the indicated table. There are three primary methods for saving data. Each key in the structure is associated with a field in the database.

See Structure in DataMgr for more information.

Note that all of these methods will also automatically convert special MS-Word characters to standard HTML.


The "insertRecord method typically inserts a new record into the database table. It takes the following arguments:

Here are the possible values and effects of the "OnExists" argument


The "updateRecord" method updates and existing record in the database table. It takes the following arguments:


The "saveRecord" method inserts or updates a record based on the incoming data. It does this by internally calling the "insertRecord" method with an "OnExists" argument of "update".