Neptune 1.0 Beta 3 Documentation: Configure Site

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Configure Site

All of the configurations for the site will be handled in the /_config/ folder. The general site level configuration settings will be handled in the config.cfm file in that folder, whereas settings that are specific to a program are generally found in the configfiles.cfm in that folder.

To change the datasource, open up config.cfm and find the following line:


Replace "Sample" with the name of the datasource that you have created for this site (still in quotes). In order for this change to work correctly, you will also need to indicate what type of database the datasource uses.

So long as each program in the site conforms to standards set out for Neptune programs (detailed later), it should be able to run on any database supported by DataMgr.

These settings can be saved and read elsewhere in your code by calling the following methods:


You can also look for them in the request scope, but the variables in that scope should be treated as read-only as changing the variables will have no permanent effect.

Note, however, that this should be used only for site-level configurations - not for page-level variables.

If you want to make other universal changes to the appearance of your site (especially to change design elements - or the entire design) for the public areas of you site, you will want to edit the layout files for your site.