Neptune 1.0 Beta 3 Documentation: Third Party Integration

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Third Party Integration

Often we will want to use third-party software in our applications. Since these likely were not written using Neptune, it is important to know how to integrate them into a Neptune application.

Here we will examine how to integrate components and entire programs into a Neptune application.

Component Integration

The components.cfm file is set up for services. If your components are true objects, then you will need to reference a factory for those objects instead.

Beyond that, however, component configuration works the same for any ColdFusion component, regardless of whether it was specifically written for Neptune or not.

Program Integration

You can use programs not written for Neptune within a Neptune application. Simply add any needed code to Application.cfm or Application.cfc and link to the application normally. While you won't get many of the advantages of Neptune by doing so, Neptune will not disrupt this process.