Neptune 1.0 Beta 3 Documentation: Introduction

Neptune Information

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Neptune is a ColdFusion productivity (and MVC) framework. It does not require all requests to be routed through one file (like index.cfm) nor does it require you to learn OO (though you can still use OO if you want).

It provides massive productivity benefits exceeding that of most code generators and frameworks combined. Neptune programs are self-installing (just copy and browse to the folder) including tables/columns/data as well as folders for uploading files and any custom installation code.

The framework is large, but your code to use it can be very, very small.


How About Some Examples?

Examples we got! Take a look at our code generator. You can use it to create a new site with pre-built programs. These aren't just examples. These are fully functioning programs that are used on live client sites.

You can also generate your own Neptune program and see how a Neptune program would look for your data model. If that isn't enough, check out a list of downloadable Neptune programs, including the previously mentioned pre-built programs (they don't have an "edit" link) as well as programs previously created with the generator (they do have an "edit" link).