SpamFilter.cfc Beta 2

I just made an update to SpamFilter.cfc and I am releasing it as 1.0 Beta 2. This is a result of some spam that I have gotten on the contact form of my web site despite having SpamFilter.cfc working against that contact form. I really have to thank those spammers for helping me improve the product.

Find out more about SpamFilter.cfc if you aren't already familiar with it.

The upgrade adds some more regular expressions to check for potential spam. More significantly, however, is that setting the "getNewDefs" argument of the "init" method to true will now cause SpamFilter.cfc to retrieve new regular expression checks as well as new spam words. This should allow SpamFilter.cfc to continue to improve even without downloading new versions of the file.

As the other page mentions, SpamFilter.cfc does require DataMgr (and a datasource), but has no other requirements.

SpamFilter.cfc is open source and free for any use.

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I used this on one of my sites and it worked great. Pretty easy to setup too! Is it possible to use XML files as a datasource for words and phrases?
# Posted By Jason Holden | 10/6/07 2:00 PM
Thanks Jason,

I do actually have the universal definitions stored in XML (see the loadUniversalData method), but an individual installation of SpamFilter.cfc would still needs its own data store.

Since SpamFilter.cfc runs on top of DataMgr, it can use any data store that DataMgr supports. Right now that is limited to Access, MySQL, PostGreSQL, and SQL Server. If you wanted another data storage, you could add support for that to DataMgr (which is a good idea for a blog entry).

Or you could wait to see if that might be added to the next version of DataMgr...
# Posted By Steve Bryant | 10/8/07 6:24 AM
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